Are You a Follower of Jesus Christ or Your Religion

I often think if those who so boldy take a stand for their "religion" would just as BOLDLY take a stand for the INFALLIBLE Word of God revealed in Scripture, false religions would cease to exist because His Word would correct them in their err and lead them out of that deception to a saving Faith in … [Read more...]

Glorious Day Jesus sets up His Kingdom on Earth

So many of us get boggled down with the things of this world and all the tribulation and persecution we go through as Christians living in such an ungodly world. Yet when we take a moment to listen to what the Word of God promises us at the SECOND Coming  of Jesus Christ it is … [Read more...]

A Free Gift Yet So Many Refuse

Why is it that so many people are trying to earn their salvation by following the laws and traditions of men or a false works based religion? Our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ  provided us with a new covenant in the New Testament to do away with all of this.....if only one will accept it. It was … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Authority Is the Word of God

Stop for a moment and ponder this. Do you think there might ever come a day where you could be taken in by a  false gospel? Unfortunately much that is being professed today from the pulpits of this world has simply become a perversion of the Gospel coming from the “doctrines of Men” and … [Read more...]

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