Featured Guest Interview about Biblical and Spiritual Discernment on radio show Stand Up for the Truth

As the editor of Defending God's Word I was recently asked to be a featured guest on the Christian radio talk show "Stand Up for the Truth" in discussing how we, as Christians can become better Bereans and not be taken in by just any slight of doctrine. Biblical and spiritual discernment is so … [Read more...]

My Journey Out of Roman Catholicism to the Truth

In this PODCAST episode I share my personal testimony as to why I left the Roman Catholic Church after testing everything I had been taught to believe by this religion through the Word of God as my only measure. In doing so I realized that Roman Catholicism simply preaches another Jesus and another … [Read more...]

Look for our Podcasts Coming Soon

Defending God's Word is excited to present our weekly series of  podcasts beginning  on or before January 30th, 2012 in helping you contend for the faith. Be sure to stay tuned. We certainly hope they will be both a blessing and inspiration to you. … [Read more...]

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