How the World Can Become a Snare to a Christian

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As a Christian, it’s sometimes easy to think all things are “normal” when most of us rest in our own comfort zone and aren’t witnessing this sort of heresy as displayed in the three videos below, on a daily basis (say for example in the church you attend).

Nonetheless that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in the church or makes it any less true. Make no mistake….this IS indeed happening all around us AND in many pulpits. It could even be your neighbor next door involved in a heretical ministry such as exposed in the series by Pastor Justin Peters to follow. Perhaps the person who waits on you at a restaurant or the cashier that checks you out at the store. 1 John 4:1 KJV

Just know that Satan, the enemy is out there seeking to devour us as Christians and if your foundation is NOT firmly grounded in Jesus Christ you may eventually succumb to this type of heresy and deceit. Luke 21:35-36 KJV

I can’t help find myself being more and more troubled in what I hear coming out of so called Christian pulpits today by professed pastors. The church has become more of a BUSINESS to most, than a CALL to lead others to salvation. “Mentioning Christ” as if only to use Him like “bait” just to keep or get new members in the door, when instead the true inward desire of the Word of Faith Movement becomes more about raising their physical ministry UP as business model OVER elevating Christ. Christ then becoming only a means for them to GROW their church business superficially by drawing members in with the biggest church building, biggest church entertainment draw and coolest worship service EVER hook. 2 Peter 2:2-3 KJV

Look…I don’t have all the answers. I am NOT God but I do feel He has granted me the gift of spiritual discernment in these last days to warn others. There surely was a time I did not have it or desire it because I was too busy living for the world being caught up in its snare. I avoided much that made me uncomfortable or required me to test what I perceived as true from the Word of God. It was easier just to stay in a bubble. It is bit scary when God finally opens your eyes to this sort of thing to where you can no longer dismiss it, ignore it and go on with your life as usual. You feel a suddent call to WARN people. I’m sure many think I am “over the top” as Christian about some of the things I post that people would just rather not know about or be exposed to, so they can continue to look the other way and pretend it’s not happening. But be aware that to NOT warn others of this coming and present deceit and danger in having a lackadaisy mindset is NOT biblical. 2 Timothy 4:2-4 To keep the truth to oneself is not truly loving is it? Even if in receiving the truth is a bit painful to hear, taking us out of our comfort zone.

I pray more Christians would take a bolder stand for Christ in these last days and less of a stand for the world. We can’t SAVE the world and the whole SAVE THE PLANET, SAVE HUMANITY, social consciousness LIE is taking peoples focus away from the living God in having them live INSTEAD for the things of this world. This my friends is but a perilous trade-off.

Things are NOT going to get better……… things are only going to keep deteriorating as time goes on. WHY? Because God’s Word says so. It is a delusion of satan to think otherwise to have you think you can somehow make the world better by focusing on this or that social cause. Our ONLY hope is in Jesus Christ Romans 10:9 KJV who will make all things NEW when he returns to setup His Kingdom on earth. Not before…… And if you don’t come to a saving faith in Him before your time is up on this earth, you WILL perish John 8:24 KJV like so much of the world for eternity. Our eternity does not rest in the things of this world but in the place Jesus Christ has gone to prepare for us in the heavens above for those who love Him and embrace that truth.

Can He prepare a place for YOU? John 14:2-3

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My name is Brenda and I am the Editor / Publisher of DEFENDING GOD'S WORD, a Biblical and Spiritual discernment ministry here to help you in rightly dividing the Word of God when contending for the faith. Our mission for this blog is to reach others with the Gospel message of our Savior Jesus Christ and to alert those caught up in the growing apostacy & deception infiltrating His Church in these last days so they are not deceived. Psalm 119:105 (KJV)


  1. jimmypercell says:

    I agree with the statements that were made and i am a victim of this for other individuals personal gain. I am in a position in where I cannot defend myself from the powers that be. (principalities in high places). This exposure is nothing but manipulation for a profit and to put the ones who participate in the new church hierarchy. What can one do?

Romans 10:17 KJV

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