Is a Church REALLY edifying Jesus Christ with their Continual Plea for Tithes?

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Jesus Christ our Salvation on the Cross That depends on what’s behind the plea for the tithe to the begin with. And I often ask myself this question. Because something appears to have went awry. But that being said, when we examine Holy Scripture we certainly don’t find the apostles asking for donations 24/7 to promote the expansion and building of architectural structures to house a physical Christian church in the places they visited. Can we truly say this was their focus? Not at all. It was exhorting the Gospel, plain and simple.

Matthew 18:20 (KJV) 20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.  

This should serve as a good reminder that the church in God’s eyes, His body of believers, no matter how big or small, does not come with a requirement for there to be a certain number of members to be declared such. Nor does our God require a church building to be of any particular size. Our God doesn’t care if your “building” (the place in which you worship Him) is the biggest and best or reaches the status of a mega church. It could be the size of a shoebox for that matter. Yet so many of today’s Christian churches focus more on building upgrades and expansions with a constant plea for money to their members ONLY to be seen of men to further their cause. So I often wonder how God must see this?  

It’s sad the simplicity of Jesus Christ in exhorting the Gospel has been replaced with whoever has the biggest and best church structure to house a congregation in turning it into more of a corporate business model than an actual church. Yes it’s nice to be a member of a church with all sorts of bells and whistles….but in the reality of things how much of this is God really pleased with? Is THIS to be our focus? 

Just mixing in a gospel message doesn’t make what many churches do as “approved” in the eyes of God. Too many pastors make MERCHANDISE of their members with a constant plea of tithing MORE and MORE above their means. Instead they play on their emotions by trying to lay a guilt trip on them if they don’t somehow contribute EXTRA to meet the physical church’s upgrades or expansion needs. Unfortunately I think there are quite a few pastors who don’t even recognize what they are doing in this respect. We see this all the time in said Christian ministries such as TBN, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland and plenty more.

I think about the elderly lady you sit next to at church who might not even have enough money to buy groceries next week, or the husband who just lost his job, has 5 kids and no way to pay his mortgage. Or the person who is dying from cancer and dealing with the insurmountable pressure of medical bills they cannot meet.

But yet the church pastor wants you to believe that adding a new recreational building or re-modeling their church cosmetically should be your only priority in this case….stating it will edify the church. And in the same breath you’ll hear but please DON’T take take it from your normal tithe! You must present a completely “separate” tithe because otherwise that’s cheating God.   

So the person dying of cancer who can barely pay his or her medical bills, the man who just lost his job, has 5 kids and no way to pay the mortgage, and the elderly lady with just $20 to rub between her fingers gives you their last dollar because they are led to be believe they would be a a poor excuse for a Christian otherwise. After all the pastor is a man of God and if the pastor says we must give beyond our means, I must obey. It must be God approved! How can I declare myself a Christian if I am not doing this, they say?  

Sorry but I’m don’t necessarily buy into this. For one it’s not any pastors place to “guilt” someone into giving more than they can possibly afford to give at any one time or to say what they are presently tithing is NOT sufficient. This alone is between God and the person giving the tithe. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear pastors say instead “Please give what you can give as we pass the offering plate around…..we’ll make do with whatever God enables us with.”

Yet in dismay I’ve heard many Christian pastors even shout out a dollar amount for their financial needs for remodeling their church well PAST the 100 thousand mark. With the plea going on week after week until the need is met. This is another problem with those who lean to the prosperity gospel ideology in naming it and claming it.

I find it very unsettling when churches constantly go on and on like this when they surely have to kow just how strapped many in their congregation already are be to begin with. So again I ask what happened to just ACCEPTING God’s WILL to maybe NOT be the biggest and the BEST?

Just because any church somehow manages to get what they need for these “church makeovers” by pleading to their congregation doesn’t automatically mean that somehow God must have seen their church project as justified. Yet for many pastors they see this as a GREEN light. 

Consider for a moment Oprah Winfrey. She has MANY social causes that she tries to identify with God. She often times is able to generate a multitude of funds for these worthy causes, expansions, etc. Oprah also makes millions and many see her as a good person. However just because someone is able to obtain funding or donations for any worthy cause in the name of God doesn’t mean it’s God ordained or that He has placed His seal of approval on it. There are many UN-Godly people who are able to do much with donations and causes only to be seen before men.      

When Jesus Christ walked this earth He certainly didn’t require a fancy building to deliver His message of salvation. How so many churches in this day have it wrong. It’s not about being the BIGGEST and the BEST! Why can’t churches leaders HUMBLE themselves before God and their congregation and ACCEPT what God gives them to work with rather than EXPECTING more and more from their congregation? I am becoming more and more troubled by this. It’s happening in so many churches.   

Rather the church in this present day has departed so much from the very humblest of beginnings as recorded in the New Testament.  

Isaiah 66:1-2(KJV) Thus saith the Lord, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that YE build unto me? and where is the place of my rest? 2 For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the Lord: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.

Hey it’s nice to have new things. We all enjoy seeing improvements on any level whether it be in buying a new car, a home improvement project that finally comes to fruition and more. Who doesn’t? But I would just pray that pastors would start to humble themselves in their pleas for what they personally THINK is important and instead learn to accept God’s infinite WILL in meeting the financial needs of their church. Perhaps God doesn’t want them to focus on being the biggest church in the area and just be satisfied and “make do” with what they already have. 

I can’t help but think how many bibles the money used for these expansions for church building upgrades would afford. We need to remember that new wallpaper, new carpeting, and new lighting won’t save souls. ONLY hearing and believing on the Word of God. Even as Christians in our everyday life this statement should give us pause. How much needless spending on frivolous things do we do on a yearly basis? I think it can be said that most of us are ALL pretty much guilty of that.

Please know I’m not against repairs, remodeling, upgrades of churches in general. Nor am I against tithing. God loves a cheerful giver! Yes there are many good reasons to tithe from a biblical perspective. It just seems that many churches have their priorities wrong as to what they are using those tithes for at times. There needs to be a balance and careful thought given to what is really important from a biblical perspective.

No pastor or member of their congregation can take any of these church buildings with them when they die. These physical structures will be seen as hay and stubble in the material sense. I pray that more Christian churches would only get back to the real business of saving souls in leading others to Christ and learn to “made do” with what whatever our Father in Heaven provides them with and not at the expense of guilting one’s congregation at every turn in an attempt to meet those needs. It’s a lesson for ALL of us, not just pastors to take to heart.

I don’t expect this post to be popular….but keep in mind the following:
It’s interesting to note that the “tithe” was a requirement in the Old Testament because the Jews were under Jewish law to do so. I would much rather hear pastors call it “giving” versus referring to it as a tithe. And YES God is indeed happy when we give with a cheerful heart but in the New Testament there is seen no reference to it as a tithe for those saved under the NEW COVENANT or to the “gift” being any specific amount much less a requirement of our salvation. However since this is how churches to this day still refer to it, I chose to reference it as such in this post, rather than just labelling it as as a call to “give” cheerfully.    

Sadly there is alot of distorting of God’s Word as a means for individual churches at times to build themselves up versus building up the body of Christ (His believers) on a whole. And so has it now become the way of the world until Jesus Christ returns to set things right and indeed that day is coming soon.

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