The Christian Science Cult led by the False Prophet Mary Baker Eddy

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Standing for ChristWhy the new age Anti-Christian cult teachings promoted by Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy should be avoided at all cost.

Question: “What is Christian Science?”

Answer: Christian Science was begun by Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910), who pioneered new ideas about spirituality and health. Inspired by her own experience of healing in 1866, Eddy spent years in Bible study, prayer, and research of various healing methods. The result was a system of healing she dubbed “Christian Science” in 1879. Her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, broke new ground in the understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. She went on to found a college, a church, a publishing enterprise, and the respected newspaper “The Christian Science Monitor.” Because of its similarity to other groups, many believe Christian Science to be a non-Christian cult.

Christian Science teaches that God—Father-Mother of all—is completely good and wholly spiritual and that all God’s creation, including the true nature of every person, is the flawless spiritual likeness of the Divine. Since God’s creation is good, evils such as disease, death, and sin cannot be a part of fundamental reality. Rather, these evils are the result of living apart from God. Prayer is a central way to come closer to God and heal human ills. This differs from the Bible, which teaches that man is born in sin inherited from Adam’s fall and that sin separates us from God. Without God’s saving grace through the death of Christ on the cross, we would never be healed of the ultimate sickness—sin.

Rather than teaching that Jesus heals our spiritual sickness (see Isaiah 53:5), Christian Scientists see Jesus’ ministry as their own paradigm for healing, believing it demonstrates the centrality of healing in regard to salvation. Christian Scientists pray to realize more of the reality of God and God’s love daily and to experience and help others experience the harmonizing, healing effects of this understanding.

For most Christian Scientists, spiritual healing is an effective first choice and, as a result, they turn to the power of prayer in lieu of medical treatment. Government authorities have occasionally challenged this approach, especially in circumstances when medical treatment is withheld from minors. However, there is no church policy mandating members’ health-care decisions.

Christian Science has no ministers. Rather, the Bible and Science and Health act as pastor and preacher. Bible lessons are studied daily and read aloud on Sunday by two elected lay members of each local congregation. Christian Science churches also hold weekly testimonial meetings, at which congregation members relate experiences of healing and regeneration.

Of all the “Christian” cults in existence, “Christian Science” is the most inaccurately named. Christian Science is neither Christian or based on science. Christian Science denies all the core truths of what makes a system “Christian.” Christian Science is, in fact, opposed to science and points to mystical new-age spirituality as the path for physical and spiritual healing. Christian Science should be recognized and rejected as the anti-Christian cult that it is.

SOURCE: and The Word of God

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My name is Brenda and I am the Editor / Publisher of DEFENDING GOD'S WORD, a Biblical and Spiritual discernment ministry here to help you in rightly dividing the Word of God when contending for the faith. Our mission for this blog is to reach others with the Gospel message of our Savior Jesus Christ and to alert those caught up in the growing apostacy & deception infiltrating His Church in these last days so they are not deceived. Psalm 119:105 (KJV)


  1. Curtis Wahlberg says:

    Sister Brenda –
    Thank you for your desire to defend the Word! All of us Christians certainly have a duty to glorify it. And through our devotion and the divine grace, we find the way. Of course, Jesus is the way. As a Christian Scientist, he is my Savior and my Master, just as the Bible states. And when relating to others, I take to heart his counsel to “Judge not!” I also find that as his follower, sickness and sin are healed in my life and in the lives of those around me. As my Savior said: “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also.” Mary Baker Eddy, like millions of others, proved that these works are not something random but the result of the divine Word consistently or scientifically working in our lives.
    Curtis Wahlberg

    • Vance Walden says:

      I was raised a Christian Scientist, and knew in my heart that as I was reading the Science in Health, I was reading the teachings of a false prophet and could see so many contradictions as compared the the Holy inspired word in the Bible. I was a horrible Christian Science student, because I just could not “get it” and Praise God for that! I pray every day for Christian Scientist, but just as I discovered as a young man in my teens…you have to desire real spiritual truth, call out to God to help you with this and he will reveal the Saving Grace of the Blood of Jesus Christ into your Life! He loves you and wants this for you, but you must want this and ask this in Jesus name! God answers prayer!

  2. Hello Curtis, yes as Christians we must always defend the Word of God. But please understand that it is not MY word that judges and clarifies all truth….it is through His Word alone. However, as Christians we are called to rebuke false doctrine in leading others to that truth even if many reject that truth. Exhorting the truth is biblical and we are asked to do so even if we are persecuted for it or one rejects the truth. Many have corrupted and distored the simplicity of Jesus Christ into following another Jesus, another Gospel. We are to test everything we hear by the Word of God. Unfortunately the Christian Science movement is not biblical. False prophets will always mix a little bit of truth with err. Mary Baker Eddy sadly fell into this trap and allowed this to happen by not testing 100% what she promoted by the Word of God. This is how the distortion of the truth begins and it is a tool Satan uses to his advantage. I pray that the Holy Spirit will lead you to the truth in all things over time. Coming out from another false religion I can attest as to just how difficult a process this can be in the beginning. Yet it requires throwing our pre-conceived notions and religious pride OUT the window and trusting ALONE in our Savior Jesus Christ for the truth. I cannot judge the state of anyone heart or their relationship with God, only God can do that, but if one is truly HIS, eventually the Holy Spirit will lead them to the truth in ALL things. Please continue to pray for biblical discernment in these matters. We must reject false gospels, false teaching at all cost.

Romans 10:17 KJV

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