Does the Bible Teach Penance or Repentance?

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Standing for Christ“Repent and sin no more” ~ what is Jesus actually saying here?  Is He instructing us to do penace as the RCC teaches?

Does it mean we will be perfect in our walk with God?  Absolutely not! 

This is a process, it takes prayer, turning away from your old habits and sins, reading your Bible and believing on what it says.
This  is why we are told:
Pick up  our cross DAILY“~
whenever you sin, now you KNOW when you do it, and you feel the very need to repent and ask for forgiveness immediately,  because you feel the conviction of our sin. No more excuses. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

John 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

One first has to be open with readiness of mind to receive the truth. The Holy Spirit has to prick their heart and reveal that Truth to them. God convicts of sin on a daily basis and in His doing so reveals Christ to those who have a sincerity in seeking the Truth.

‘Honour The Holy One”, that verse from James echoes something Jesus said:
“If you love me ……you will obey what I command.” Also:”Whoever loves me will obey my teaching.”

You can find both of those quotes in John chapter 14. The Bible also says “By their fruits you will know them.”

When we come to faith, we are saved from sin by grace. To then show this grace and devotion to Christ, our grace results in us doing good works for his Kingdom, NOT that these works are what save us, but these things testify to our faith to God and before others in our witness of Him. Our grace also draws us to repentance and conviction of our sin each time we do stumble and sin from here on out. Sin does not require a penance to be done once we are saved because penance means a voluntary self-punishment to atone for our own sins.

While not everyone, still many of the people who sit in the front row every Sunday at church are following a “set of rules” in an attempt to earn their Salvation. Whoever keeps the most rules are the best Christians, in their minds anyhow. Man made religious “rules and dogmas” such as the RCC are given by well meaning men who have been led astray from the truth  but tragically come from the pit of Hell. They refuse to accept that Jesus alone paid the full price for their sins because to them its beyond their comprehension to “believe it” and instead feel there has to be something more to all of this….it seems neither logical or rational…surely we have to pay some price for our salvation!

And because they walk not in FAITH they choose another plan of salvation which logically makes more sense to them… makes them “feel better” to do any number of “religious things” as many false religions preach as “the way to salvation.” But a man made religion is in direct opposition to God’s Word. But yet they follow “man’s traditions” and “commandments” ….because they have rationalized in their own mind and system that they know better……afterall Jesus couldn’t have possibly paid for their sins in full. It’s not logical… So they follow a religion that offers a “penance plan” to salvation through Good Works and rituals and a false place to atone for their sins once they die such as “Purgatory“. This sounds much more logical and makes them “feel” more humble and better in Gods eyes…..but what it really offers them is a false sense of security. What a fatal mistake and what they have really done is usurped God and the free gift of salvation saying it fell short of being enough.

The Holy Spirit must first tear us down and break us…….so we can see our sin through God’s eyes. When this happens may we humbly see God’s holiness and realize just how awesome He truly is and why it is imperative that we put Him before all things in our life. Only when this happens can we feel the peace that can’t be understood.

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